I started out playing Drums when I was 10, started Music classes around the same time, moved on to playing Bass and was making $300 per weekend in 10th Grade switching from Bass to Drums within the same Band.

Upon joining the Band, they stated he's great, but he's black (found this out later)...guess they forgot about that when I learned 40 songs in one night, and we were out performing the very next day...

I think the absolute best time I had with them was when a guy came up to me and said "I drove 200 miles an hour early just to make sure I could hear your Bass Solo" Mind you I was wearing a Fire Hat with Red Spandex pants and a Black Jordache T-Shirt...Fast forward to after joining the Marines and coming to the conclusion that it was killing my Manicure, I met a soon to be Artist that signed with Motown; programmed his drums, played Bass on several of his Records, just to get no credit or pay. 

I later set up a meeting with Motown on my own, and upon arriving I advised them that I was considering Suing them and the Artist for Stealing my Production & Composing.  They politely guessed I was fresh out of the Marines, and in no uncertain terms told me that if I wanted to do business with Motown, I wouldn't be suing ANYONE!!! 

I politely shut the hell up and we became best friends.  This led to many, many more connections and remixes, composing and conducting Business affairs for Major Artists, Musicians, Engineers in addition to contracts for the same.  Currently aside from working with Major Artists, I am also assisting those that truly have a Love & Passion for Music in Producing and bringing them to the Label; if they truly have what it takes... Kindly click the Amazing Plaques Page to see the works...And that my friends, is how you make a Long Story Longgggggg....... Skyler Lexx Baby

Skyler Lexx in Studio A at Famous Music Studios
Skyler Lexx in Studio A at Famous Music Studios
Skyler Lexx Gwen Stefani Platinum Plaque at Famous Music Studios

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